Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Romantic Love Songs (Instrumental Hits)

Track List::

01. Memory

02. Endless Love

03. Didnt We Almost Have It All

04. Cavatina

05. Sealed With A Kiss

06. Theme To Howards Way

07. Songbird

08. Lady

09. I Know Him So Well

10. Ole Devil Call Love

11. Somewhere Out There

12. Summer Mist

13. Wind Beneath My Wings

14. The Way We Were

15. Theme From Ice Castles

16. Making Love

17. Thats What Friends Are For

18. Somewhere

19. Greatest Love Of All

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    Download Part2

Monday, June 29, 2009

Various Artist - We Love the Latest Go Vol.2

We Love the latest Go Vol.2 [Various Artist]

Released Date: June 1, 2009

Genre: Pop

Language: Korean



1. I love you (feat. glass box bakseunghwa) ~ SG Wannabe

2. Crybaby ~ SG Wannabe

3. I Was happy ~ Jo Sung Mo

4. Long time no see ~ Lim Chang Jung

5. I miss you day ~ Park Sang Min

6. Anyone Else ~ Lee Seung Chul

7. Love .. That Guy ~ Bobby Kim

8. Staying Away ~ KMC

9. Nunmulsok~ Park Sang Min

10. I Don't Love You ~ Kim Yeon Woo

11. We're Now Stranger ~ Kim Kyung Rok (VOS) feat Baby J

12. sarang ah se sang ah ~ Lee Sang Gon

13. Rain and You ~ No Brain

14. Girls Don't Know ~ FT Island

15. I Have a Lover ~ Lee Eun Mi

      Download CD1


16. Simple love ~ MC Mong (Feat. Navi)

17. Sorry Sorry ~ Super Junior

18. Lollipop ~ Big Bang & 2NE1

19. Map the Soul ~ Epik High

20. 8282 ~ DaVichi

21. Saturday Night ~ Son Dambi

22. Jjalajjaja ~ Ju Hyun Mi & SeoHyun (SNSD) ft. Davichi

23. Stylish (The FILA) ~ Big Bang

24. Because I'm Stupid ~ SS501

25. Gee ~ SNSD

26. Perhaps that ~ Hong Min Jung

27. Go fish ~ MC The Max

28. To death ~ The One

29. Saranghae (My Love) ~ The One

30. This girl ~ Lee Soo Young

     Download CD2

Raymond Lam Feng Lin - Let's Get Wet


1. Let's Get Wet

2. Another way love you

3. Favor

4. If the time came to

5. worthy of tears (TVB drama series "Justice Bao" theme song)

6. Love

7. Illusion

    Download Album

Alisa Galper - Alisa

Track List:

1. Rock Your Body

2. I am not a bad girl

3. If there is no tomorrow

4. Unexpected (vs Pan)

5. Hound Dog

6. Ones can not be

7. Iron Butterfly

8. The power of love

9. You are in mine

10. Time of your life

11. Hound Dog + Rock Your Body

     Download Album

Yong Hyun - Late Christmas

Yong Hyun - Late Christmas

Release date: 2009.06.16

Genre: Ballad

Language: Korean


1. Late Christmas

2. If you love someone

3. Late Christmas (inst.)

4. If you love someone (inst.)


Na Hanna - Love Is Difficult

Na Hanna - Love Is Difficult

Release Date: 2009.06.04

Genre: Ballad

Language: Korean


1. Timid 42

2. Love it

3. Heart sick

4. Love it (Instrumental)

5. Heart sick (Instrumental)


The S - Yearning for Love

The S - Yearning for Love

Release Date: 2009.05.29

Language: Korean

Genre: Ballad, Pop

Track List:

1. Miss you love

2. I'll marry you

3. I'll marry you (Remix)


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lollipop Bang Bang Tang - I Am Legend


1. I am Legend

2. Summer Love

3. Arts cafes

4. Talk

5. Exchange of diary - a small-yu

6. Loga Loga - William

7. Broke through the cordon

8. Less room you

9. Noisy silence

10. One Way

     Download Album

4Minute - Hot Issue

4Minute - Hot Issue

Release date: 2009.06.15

Genre: Pop / Dance

Language: Korean

1. Hot Issue

Brand New Day - Mascara

Brand New Day - Mascara

Release date: 2009.06.15

Genre: Dance

Language: Korean


1. Out

2. Mascara

3. Out (Inst.)

4. Mascara (Inst.)


A-Brother – Sweet Bea

A-Brother – Sweet Beat

Release date: 2009.06.11

Genre: Hip Hop

Language: Korean 

1. Intro

2. My lover (Feat. book, hoyeon)

3. Our Love (Feat. Scholarship)


Lee Sung Eun & Sae Am - Oasis

Release date: 29.05.2009

Genre: Pop / electronic

Language: Korean


1. Oasis (With saeam)

2. Oasis (With saeam) (Instrumental)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

RHM vol 276


 1. Jongphov Mok Khmao (Sovath, Sophea)

 2. SongKea Besdoung (Sovanpanha)

 3. Kjol (Sovanpanha)

 4. Mouse Love Rices (Sovanpanha)

 5. Snaeh Het Snaeh Hey (Sovath)

 6. Kbot Bonjras Kjol (Sovanpanha)

 7. Min Tor Pot (Sovath)

 8. Sros Chheam Ler Sivpov Snaeh (Sovanpanha)

 9. Leak Jet Khsek Kjol (Sovanpanha)

 10. Jet KrovJet (Sovath)

     Download Album 

RHM Vol 274


1. Don’t Walk Away (Pich Sophea,Sdey)

2. Hula Hula (Pich Sophea)

3. Chong Labey Doch Beckham (Sapoun Midada)

4. Banh Chheu Mun Lea (Sapoun Midada)

5. Tuy Muy (Nob Bayarith)

6. Kom Beut Bang Chit (Sapoun Midada)

7. Yom Kanung Chit (Kim Leakhena)

8. Plues Pnek (Nob Bayarith)

9. Reang Chal (Kim Leakhena)

10. Plech Ors (Kim Leakhena)

      Download Album

RHM vol 272


1. Style Sney

2. Boom Boom Boom

3. Suo Trov Cham Noch

4. Teuk Pnek Kandal Yob

5. I’ll Be Missing You

6. Mean Konleng Samrab Knhom Te

7. Bes Dong Chheu Chab

8. Arp Prey Chit

9. Chong Deung Chit Oun

10. Oun Trom Chheu Chit

      Download Album

RHM Vol 270


1. Kek Chenh Pi Sne

2. Veay Nak

3. Lmeus Sneh

4. Chob Krob Yang

5. Tream Chit Rorch Ral

6. Banh Chob Tompor Sne Choo Chut

7. Tomram Deung

8. Sa Ek Min Men Ror Bors Oun

9. Kom Beut Bang

10. Chit Min Cha Et

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

RHM vol 98

01. Phorb Som Nang (Vanneth)

02. Joeng Mek Por Svay (Vanneth)

03. Sneh Ett Ney (Vanneth, Sreynich)

04. Chhloey Jash Mok Own (Vanneth)

05. Sneh Mouy Mern Sneh (Sreynich)

06. Jang Koet Chea Tik (Vanneth)

07. Sayon Toch Yum (Phan Sophat)

08. Krom Mek Por Keav (Vanneth, Sreynich)

09. An Dat Ott Cha Erng (Vanneth)

10. Phka Rik Klin Kro Say (Vanneth, Sreynich)

11. Bros Del Kboth Chit (Sreynich)

12. Bong Pjoer Kon Phong (Phan Sophat)

      Download Album

RHM vol 81

1. Sralanh Own Dal Chheirng (Vanneth)

2. Sneh Krea Dom Bong (Vanneth)

3. Eh Na Tov Than Sour? (Vanneth)

4. Sneh! Sneh Ha (Vanneth,Sun Nich)

5. Chit Phit Kboth (Vanneth)

6. Ak Khara Tik Pnek (Vanneth)

7. Own Rong Cham Moel Plov (Toch Sun Nich)

8. Ok Bing Kan Seng (Vanneth)

9. Kong Mean Tngai Srey Ding Kloun (Vanneth)

10. Prek Eng Dach Alai (Vanneth)

11. Tik Pnek Dany (Toch Sun Nich)

12. Sranos Toch Yum (Vanneth)

13. Phat Cheay (Toch Sun Nich)

14. Kro Ob Teh Klin (Vanneth)

      Download Album

RHM vol 37


1. Kraen Teh Som Sralanh (Sovath)

2. Anh Ching Roer Sneh Ha? (Hem Sivon)

3. Chamlek Doung Chit (Hem Sivon)

4. Sboth Choun Pov (Sovath,Sivon)

5. Own Som Tov Phong Ban Teh? (Hem Sivon)

6. Prom Sneh Bong Tov (Sovath)

7. Sneh Bong Penh Besdong (Hem Sivon)

8. Sneh Kmean Prum Den (Sovath)

9. Tngai Del Rong Cham (Sovath,Sivon)

10. Kseh Chi Vit (SOvath)

11.Saob Bangkob Sneh (Hem Sivon)

12. Mek Kmov Ngor Ngit (Hem Sivon)

13. Het Avey Bomplich Bong (Sovath)

14. Tum Hum Doung Chit (Hem Sivon)

       Download Album

RHM vol 35


1. Som Ding Oay Chbas (Toch Sun Nich)

2. Bong Vaes Chit Own Katt Besdong (Toch Sun Nich)

3. Tou Ek Knong Doung Chit Own (Noy Vanneth)

4. An Nu Saverey Tmei Knong Besdong Chas (Noy Vanneth)

5. Lear Hery Ti Krong (Toch Sun Nich)

6. Som Teh Own Vea Cha (Noy Vanneth)

7. Som Jek Besdong (Nob Bayarith)

8. Chhob Choer Hery Jah! (Toch Sun Nich)

9. Bong Rong Cham Sneh (Noy Vanneth)

10. Beoh Srolanh (Toch Sun Nich)

11. Tik Pnek Boros (Noy Vanneth)

12. Kanlang Den Chhngay (Toch Sun Nich)

13. Kou Sneh Pi Cheat (Noy Vanneth)

14. Meh Rean Tik Pnek (Noy Vanneth)

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ilac feat. Chae Rin (Brand New Day) - Let the people got

Ilac feat. Chae Rin (Brand New Day) - Let the people got

Release date: 2009.06.09

Genre: Pop

Language: Korean

1. Let the people got (New ver.)

Family Outing - Family Day

Family Outing - Family Day

Release date: 2009.06.08

Genre: Pop

Language: Korean

1. Family Day

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Classic Vol 10


1. Kre Bat Snae

2. Teuk Phnek Koun Peal

3. Kam Pea Snae

4. Mehk Lum-eang

5. Som Khnery Oun Kery

6. Chet Tor Su

7. Khlach Slap Snae Oun

8. Snae-ha Mean Ahvey Somkhan

9. Thngai Chheir Chab

10. Bong Chea Mnus Pros Kor Mean Besdoung

      Download Album

Classic Vol 9


1. 5,000 Dollars (Ariya)

2. Het Phal Khlas Del Oun Kuor Tae Deung (Ariya)

3. Cham-lery Mun Baek (Karona)

4. Bong Chea Boros Heng Soy (Karona)

5. Met Khnong Ney Snae (Sasa)

6. Min Arch Thoy Kroy (Sasa)

7. Snae-ha Runtas Banh (Tina)

8. Aos Snae Khbae Pran (Tina)

9. Khmean Peak Soak Sday (Ariya)

10. Sanha-bat Khouch Chet (Karona)

11. Kour Snae Chai Don (Karona)

12. Roum Chet Dermbey Selapak (Karona)

      Download Album

Single] SuSung – Love At First Sight



Release Date: 2009-06-13

Language: Korean

Genre: Ballad 


1. Warning love (Love At First Sight) (feat. Suho)

2. Twinkling ... (feat. HeeSu At 'What A Circus')

3. Warning love (Love At First Sight) (inst.)

4. Twinkling (Panchakpanchak Pidnaneun) ... (inst.)


JEANX - Look At Me

EANX - Look At Me

Release Date: 2009.06.02

Genre: R & B / Ballad


1. I think you want (Feat. Ami)

2. A little bit (Feat. grace)

3. I think you want (Inst.)

4. A little bit (Instr.)


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Yoon Gun feat. Lee Hyori - Beauty

Yoon Gun feat. Lee Hyori - Beauty

Release date: 2 june 2009

Genre: Pop / Dance

Language: Korean

 1. Beauty

Li Quan - Diao Yu Dao

[Album] Li Quan - Diao Yu Dao

Li Quan - Islands

Release: May 20, 2009

Language: Mandarin

Track List:

1. Diaoyu Islands

2. Vanves phase

3. Baby

4. You And Only You

5. Biessed With You


Friday, June 19, 2009

Various Artists – Love Tonic



Release Date: 2009-06-16

Language: Korean 

Genre: Ballad / Pop / Dance


01. The wind blows ... I yibyeolhae (Prologue) - Han Hyo Joo

02. Apart - As One

03. Now with the ... (more later) - Seon Woo Seon

04. Beyond my tears - Jin-Ho

05. If (Remaster) - Navi

06. Do not leave - Lee Sori

07. Rain Song - Yun Ji-eun

08. When the season (Epilogue) - Mun Jeong-Gyu

09. Apart (Acoustic ver.) - As One

10 now, and ... (more later) (inst.)

11. Beyond my tears (inst.)

     Download Album

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunday Vol 93


1. Ouy Torosop Bong Vinh

2. Prean Besdoung

3. Jong Man Snaeha

4. Sday Kmean Orkas

5. Dole Pel Chhleuy Ouy Os Sachkdey

6. Snaeh Nak Kmean Mjas

7. Reatrey Snaeh

8. Kromom Srok Srae

9. Khouch Jet Tam T.V

10. Sronos Euy Pok Mae

   Download Album

M Production Vol 11


1. Sok Chet tve mounus lgnong (Angella)

2. Chhe chab mok dorl (Angella)

3. Tuos yang na kor yeng thlorb sror lagn knea (Nico)

4. Het porl bang phneak (Lin)

5. Tek phneak ors dorm lay (Thina)

6. Pel choub pel khleat pik bak douch khnea (Angella)

7. Call me baby (Kola, Thaina)

8. Prab trorng tha bong ors chet (Nico)

9. Only when I sleep (Lin)

10. Chhae chet chuos oun (Thina)

      Download Album

M Production vol 10


 1. Nat korn leang borng hou tek pnek (Roth,Tak Ma)

 2. Chhorb trorm (Roth)

 3. Min youl (Tak Ma)

 4. Khouch chet touk moun (Virakyuth)

 5. Sne ors dorng haem (Kunkola,Thina)

 6. Sra 3 keav (Veasna)

 7. Chhe hous sman (Zono)

 8. Chorng nov kbea oun (Kunkola)

 9. Pro hean (Roth)

10. lgnoung (Veasna)

      Download Album

SS501 – Collection

[Single] SS501 – Collection

Release Date: 2009-06-19

Language: Korean

Genre: Dance / Ballad


1. Ileumeopneun kieon - Memories Without A Name - Young Saeng

2. Wuss Up - Kyu Joong

3. Jepal jalhaeswo - Please Be Nice to Me - Hyun Joong


Fu Qiong Yin - Fen Hong Se Dian Chang Ji / Pink Jukebox

[Album] Fu Qiong Yin - Fen Hong Se Dian Chang Ji / Pink Jukebox

Genre : Pop/Ballad

Record Label : Skyhigh

Release Date : June 05, 2009

Country : Malaysia

Language : Mandarin/English/Taiwanese


01. Am I Your Most Loved – OS : Michelle Pan

02. Unable To Retain The Story - OS : Tracy Huang

03. Chiu Kan Thang Be Bo - OS : Julie Su

04. Love Is Over – OS : Au Yeung Fei Fei

05. Hai Hai Ren Sheng - OS : Chan Ying Chieh

06. Times Of Awakening – OS : Sarah Chen

07. Saving All My Love :Whitney Houston

08. The Way We Were :Barbara Streisand

09. Stupid Cupid (Duet with Mom):Connie Francis

10. The Rose:Bette Midler

11. Hero:Mariah Carey

12. My Heart Will Go On:Celine Dion

      Download Album

8eight – Golden Age

[Repackage] 8eight – Golden Age



Release Date: 2009-06-11

Language: Korean

Genre: Ballad / R & B


1. Goodbye my love

2. Who could want to cry cry (feat. Dynamic Duo)


Sunday vol 92

 1. Jomnorng snae tirk phnek (Sereymon)
 2. Sol tae pahom (Lyno)
 3. Jong ouy deng (Monika)
 4. Bong khos heuy (Sereymon)
 5. Traem nak komplaeng (Sereymon)
 6. Besdong oun man tae bong (Monika)
 7. Andat maday oun (Lyno)
 8. Kbot bong derbey avey (Sereymon)
 9. Tha tov kor tov (Lyno)
10. Mareya (Sereymon)

     Download Album

The One – BLOOD (The Last Vampire OST)



Release Date: 2009-06-12

Language: Korean

Genre: Rock Ballad/OST


1. Face To Face (Movie ‘Blood’ Ending Title)

2. Face To Face (MR)


Sunday Vol. 91

 1. Chang Barn Bropun Khmer (Serey Mon)
 2. Srolanh Kromom Somroang (Meas Saly)
 3. Kun Aov Puk Mday (Jum Lyno,Phan Monica)
 4. Krobey Khleach Bong (Bun Sak)
 5. Mnus Mean Chrein Yarng (Serey Mon)
 6. Sroveung Roil Thngai (Meas Saly, Phan Monica)
 7. Kromom Bong Muoy (Jum Lyno)
 8. Thver Kom Phey (Serey Mon)
 9. Toil Tae Yu (Phan Monica)
10. Tam Suor Srey (Meas Saly)
       Download Album

[MV] Super Junior- It's You

Title: It's You

Singer: Super Junior

Release date: 12 May 2009

Language: Korean

   Download MV

Sunday Vol. 90 (2009)

Tracklist ::

 1. Besdoung Play Boy
 2. Berk Luy
 3. Mun Snae Srey Khmao
 4. Chang Tov Na
 5. Ram Neung Khnhom
 6. Baby One More Time
 7. Let's Go
 8. Min Man Freshy Kom Chrolom
 9. Bong Mun Sangha Te
 10. Bong Douch Duong Phkay

       Download Album

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Xiao Yu - Standing Here


1. again!

2. stand here

3. practice love

4. fall in love (2009 U.S. cotton ad theme song of the year)

5. you are very good

6. said that after breaking up

7. An Apple

8. beautiful girls

9. Every Time

10. for change

11. Why

     Download Album

Dream Girls – Dream (ft Taesabiae, Venus, Han Ji-Eun)



Release Date: 2009-06-11

Language: Korean

Genre: Pop/Dance


1. Hey, Mr(feat. Taesabiae, Venus, Han Ji-Eun)

 2. Hey, Mr(inst.)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nicholas Teo - The Moment Of Silence

[Album] Nicholas Teo - The Moment Of Silence

Genre : Pop/Ballad

Record Label : Warner Music (TW)

Release Date : June 5, 2009

Country : Taiwan

Language : Mandarin


01. Sempurna [Perfection]

02. The Moment of Silence

03. Low Profile

04. Say You Love Me

05. This Is Love

06. We Were Wrong

07. Not A Bad Guy

08. Don't Listen To His Song

09. Love You More

10. Next Stop Happiness

11. Silent Song

     Download Album

V.O.S – SSLife OST (Star Secret Life OST)

[digital single] V.O.S – SSLife OST (Star Secret Life OST)


Release Date: 2009-06-04

Language: Korean

Genre: Ballad/ OST


1. With You

Shin Hye Sung - You're Beautiful (The man who can't get married OST)

[digital single] Shin Hye Sung - You're Beautiful



Release Date: 2009-06-11

Language: Korean

Genre: Pop / OST


1. You're beautiful (Keudaeneun Yeppoyo)

2. You're beautiful (inst.)



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