Saturday, July 25, 2009

e.via - a.ka. Happy Evil 1st EP


1. E_Station Live FM 88.7: Intro (MC.Stacy Oh)

2. Should feel free to go? (Skit) 

3. Brother! Rap should feel free to go? (Radio Edit Ver.) (Feat. VASCO, Earthman of radiation) 

4. Diary (Motiphie Edition.) (Feat. SORI)

5. I am so tired (Feat. UMJI)

6. 2nd (Feat. Feat. Kjun, Steady Sketch A of Fantastik Dos)

7. E_Station Live FM 88.7: Underground Rapper (MC. choeeumje)

8. Hey! (Original Ver.) (Feat. Double Trouble-Basick & Innovator)

9. What do you think? (Feat. UMC, Tequila Addicted) 

10. E_Station Live FM 88.7: Solid gold of that life (Skit) (MC. choeeumje) 

11. Hands and feet

12. Brother! I should feel free to go? (XXX Version) (Feat. Feat.VASCO, Earthman of radiation)

13. Hey! (For broadcast through deliberation Ver.) (Feat. Double Trouble-Basick & Innovator) 

14. Diary (90's POP Edition.) (Feat. SORI)

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