Friday, July 3, 2009

Jo Duk Bae - Best love Song

Jo Duk Bae - Best love Song

Release date: 2 june, 2009

Genre: Ballad

Language: Korean


01. Dream (Remastering)

02. My fairy tales (Remastering)

03. Comes to you in my soul (Remastering)

04. With a woman angaekkot (Remastering)

05. Walk the way alone (Remastering)

06. My Man (Remastering)

07. Woman does not know anything (Remastering)

08. We talk about the old's (Remastering)

09. At the end of love (Remastering)

10. My fairy tales (Live) (Remastering)

11. Dream (Live) (Remastering)

12. Bicheoreom like (Remastering)

13. The reflection of my heart (Remastering)

14. To the tree in the sky (feat. jeonjedeok) (Remastering)

15. The world that only a lover (feat. Jo PD & jeongjiseon) (Remastering) 

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