Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Elva Hsiao - Diamond Candy (WOW Concert New Songs + Remixes) [2CD]

Track List:

CD 1

01. 豔遇 (Beauty Encounter)

02. 閃閃惹人愛 (Shining Love)

03. 倒數 (Count Down)

04. 我陪你哭 (Cry With You)

05. 同步呼吸 (Sync Breathing)

06. 不愛.請閃開 (Goodbye. Bye Bye)

07. 鑽石糖 (Diamond Candy)

08. 坦白 (Confession)

09. 我們多久沒牽手 (No Hand In Hand)

10. 顫慄傳奇 (Thriller MJ Legend)

CD 2

Bonus CD [Concert New Song + Remixes (Bonus CD)]

01. WOW feat.羅志祥 演唱會主題曲+唯舞獨尊年度主題曲 [WOW feat. Show Luo (Concert Theme Song + Annual Dance Only Theme Song)]

02. 閃閃惹人愛 Break Beat Remix By DJ Z (Shining Love)

03. 不愛 .請閃開 Trance Remix Remix By DJ Z (Goodbye, Bye Bye)

04. 沒有人 Spanish Version Remix By Novade DC (Nobody)

05. 我愛你那麼多 Just Chill Out Remix By Novade DC (I Love You So Much)

06. 甩啦甩啦 Salsa Hot Mix Remix By DJ Moolades (Shuai La Shuai La)

07. More More More Techno Remix Remix By DJ Z

08. 最熟悉的陌生人 Urban Beat Remix By Novade DC (The Most Familiar Stranger)

Download CD1, CD2

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