Saturday, September 4, 2010

Japanese Traditional Music [5] - Shakuhachi


Japanese end-blown bamboo flute. Its notes are produced by blowing across the open upper end, resulting in a distinctively breathy tone. It has five fingerholes. The shakuhachi is of great antiquity; it has been widely played as a solo instrument and in small ensembles, especially with the koto and samisen (a fretless lute).

Small end-blown Japanese bamboo NOTCHED FLUTE. It was imported from China by the 8th century but reached its modern form in the 15th. The standard instrument is 54. 5 cm long and has four finger-holes and a thumb-hole, producing the approximate notes d′-f′-g′-a′-c″; it is widely used in all forms of Japanese folk and art music.


(01) [Japanese Traditional Music] Shika No Tone
(02) [Japanese Traditional Music] Hifumi - Hachigaeshi No Shirabe
(03) [Japanese Traditional Music] Sanya Sugagaki
(04) [Japanese Traditional Music] Tsuru No Sugomori
(05) [Japanese Traditional Music] Umibe No Yubae
(06) [Japanese Traditional Music] Toge Hachiri
(07) [Japanese Traditional Music] Kojo No Tsuki

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