Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hu Ge - Blue Ray (2010)

Title: Blue Ray

Artist: 胡歌 Hu Ge

Release DatE: 2010-07-02

Language: Mandarin


01. Blue (new)

02. I'm Afraid to love (new) (Perfect Round 2D gaming masterpiece, "Zhu Xian Dream" theme song) (Fantasy Zhu Xian)

03. There is a song (new)

04. Rumors

05. Met a good man

06. June rain (epic adaptation of the classic game "Paladin" episode) (Chinese Paladin)

07. Her eyes it will rain

08. Love you will not change (urban love stories "Do not love me," interlude) (Till Death Do Us Apart)

09. A person's coast

10. Forget the time (the most romantic martial arts drama ratings strange circumstances "Paladin three" Ending Theme) (Chinese Paladin 3)

11. Cyclists days

12. Told him that I love her (costume drama "Young Yangs" episode) (The Young Warriors)

13. Clouds (Jin Yong's martial arts epic 08 "Eagle Shooting Heroes" Ending Theme) (Legend of Condor Heroes)

14. With the day

15. Love it


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