Monday, June 4, 2012

V.A – Love Rain OST Part.2

Various Artists – 사랑비 (KBS 2TV 월화드라마) – Part.2

Release Date: 2012.05.29

Genre: OST

Language: Korean

Track List:

01. 그대니까요 (Because It’s You) – 나도균

02. 첫사랑 (First Love) – 길구

03. 속마음 (Inner-Drop) – 방울악단

04. 운명 (바보처럼) (Fate (like a fool)) – 서인국

05. 비가오고 또 비가오면 (It was raining, and when it rains) – 봉구

06. 나는 지금 (I am now) – 강승원

07. 사랑비 (Love Rain) (String ver.)

08. 사랑은 비처럼 (Love In The Rain) (String & Piano ver.)

09. 자꾸자꾸 (Again and again) (String ver.)

10. Song Of Rain (String ver.)

11. 사랑스러운 그대 (Loving You) (Scatsong) – 손빈나

12. 자꾸자꾸 (Again and again) (Guitar ver.)


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